Friday, 29 July 2016

A new me, a new life.

So a little bit ago blog post a wrote about my doctors appointment. I was diagnosed with IBS and the doctor gave me a prescription to deal with some of the issues. It works, not 100% but it does take more of the pain away. The only issue is my anxiety, depression and insomnia sky rocketed, so I went back to the doctor to get that figured out.

My first Ipsy!

I have been wanting to sign up for a little treat for a while. As a mom of 3, its nice to feel good plus try something new. That's why these beauty boxes are perfect. Plus they are fun, its a little surprise in the mail once a month!

The price is also great. Its not a huge hit on the bank account. Its $10usd, so in Canada it comes to just under $20 after shipping and conversion.

You can also collect points to get even more free stuff. If you would like to check Ipsy out just click on the link here.

<-----  Some one was super excited. She didn't even know what it was but it was pink!

Here is what I got in my first bag!