Friday, 2 January 2015


New addiction - READING! I don't even know how it came about but I have now become a bookaholic. A few months back I got this urge to read and it came out of no where. I have some eye issues I have no got checked, so I have been avoiding reading. So I decided to look to see if there are any book clubs around. Be interesting to check out, I thought. So I asked on a local mommy facebook group to see if there were any around and apparently there were not!
So on the post someone commented that we should make one. We have only met a few times now but through January I hope to grow it and see what it turns into!
My husband is a big reader, so he has been great with my new found love of reading. Which has always been there but I just learned to read hardcover or bigger worded books until i make it into get my eye checked. So I will make this apart of my blog now, what I am reading and book reviews. I post about books on my instagram already to! So follow me there.

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