Friday, 29 July 2016

A new me, a new life.

So a little bit ago blog post a wrote about my doctors appointment. I was diagnosed with IBS and the doctor gave me a prescription to deal with some of the issues. It works, not 100% but it does take more of the pain away. The only issue is my anxiety, depression and insomnia sky rocketed, so I went back to the doctor to get that figured out.

My first Ipsy!

I have been wanting to sign up for a little treat for a while. As a mom of 3, its nice to feel good plus try something new. That's why these beauty boxes are perfect. Plus they are fun, its a little surprise in the mail once a month!

The price is also great. Its not a huge hit on the bank account. Its $10usd, so in Canada it comes to just under $20 after shipping and conversion.

You can also collect points to get even more free stuff. If you would like to check Ipsy out just click on the link here.

<-----  Some one was super excited. She didn't even know what it was but it was pink!

Here is what I got in my first bag! 

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Finally went in to see the doctor!

For years I have had issues with my "tummy," between the heart burn, digestive issues, bathroom issues and so on, life has been in the dumps, literally. Things have been slowly getting worse and worse and finally I got talked into seeing the doctor.
Yesterday was my appointment and I was not sure what I was going to expect but it got uncomfortable. By the end of the appointment the doctor is suggestion I get tested for IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome) and celiac. I do know I have just an over all food intolerance, everything I eat makes me sick. So I am very interested to see what happens. I do have to bring in samples to get tested, as well as a 8-10 hour fast before blood tests. I am hoping to get in to do that tomorrow morning before a class I have at 10am, so y goal for today is to try and get those samples (yes I am trying to be vague, I am not very good at "bathroom" talk.)
I did start a food diary to, I think this is a huge reason I have been really bad at my meal plans. I is really hard to work around being sick. So, I really hope to find out what is wrong and I know I will be diving into research and seeing what I can do to fix myself and I will try and write about it as much as I can, as I go down this road.

Monday, 28 March 2016

Meal Plan Monday - March 28/16

Well today I start my cleanse! It is actually my very first one and I am very excited, you can find out more on the cleanse by following along with my 14 Day Cleanse Series. I prepared a bit, just to make sure I am ready and hoping for better chances of success. So I have a meal plan for my full 14 days already set. But the kids are also on spring break, so we will see how well this goes! Here is my week #1: