Friday, 17 October 2014

Canning Salmon ... a lot of salmon

Living on Vancouver Island we get lots of perks. Not only is it paradise here (when it is not raining,) we have a bountiful supply of local recourses. One major one is fish. When fishing season is around we stock up. We are lucky enough to get enough fish to last the family for a hole year, if not more.
We keep hole fish and steak some up for meals, we fillet them for smoking, we can a lot and we can some of the smoked fish. There are endless possibilities with salmon.

I have never used the pressure canner alone before, actually this is only my second time canning salmon but I had success! I preplanned and studies the pressure canning book and called my mom and law and my grandma just for extra reassurance.

We got all the fish during the summer, so we precut and froze it all and I planned to do it all when my hubby was on his hunting trip. I got half done but I came down with a nasty cold while he was gone, so I did it in two.
The first day I canned 2.5 batches of pints and then I continued a week later with 3 batches of pints. I ran out of the pints but the bigger jars are nice for full meals. For a total of 61 jars of canned salmon!

Thursday, 16 October 2014

A Couple Months of Crazy

Things are now slowing down and after a while of go go go, I am happy things are quiet now. Which means I am able to get back to a regular schedule.

First my mom came for a visit. She made the visit worth it, after not being able to see each other for 4 years. The last time she came for a visit was for my daughters 1st birthday and she was just a week shy of her 5th birthday this year. She lives out in Saskatchewan and it is hard to see each other often.

Then after a long strike with the teachers and government, the teachers went back to work and the kids back in school, so my baby girl started kindergarten. 

Then after she left, my hubby left for a big hunting trip up north. He was gone for 12 days, which was a fun time but I am so thankful all 3 kids are now in school or it would of made for one stressful 12 days.

I will post more about these but I am back and have lots to write!

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Menu Plan Monday for Sept. 8-14

This week I am trying a few new things. I am going to attempt a full breakfast, lunch and dinner meal plan. With our fitness routine getting a bit more important and diet is such a big part of fitness. I do want to start doing full meal plans more around what we need rather then what I just feel like making. Doing fitness mealing planning is intense but doing a week worth in a day is possible also. I also think with the all 3 kids now in school, I may be more inclined to do this also, just to take out some of the meal prep with a 5 person family.
I am also making a few days of the week for spesific meals like the typical meatless Mondays for example.
Everything I planned for the week is just out of foods I do have in the house, so this is a grocery shopping free meal plan.

Also my mom is coming to visit! So things may change to depending if we have enough for everyone, or we may make random plans to eat out, so things are subject to change - as usual.

Meatless Monday 
Breakfast - Apple Pie Oatmeal
Lunch - Kale and swiss chard sauté
Dinner -  chickpea and potato stew  My mom treated the family to Chinese food. 

Breakfast - 10 grain cereal with fruit and a hard boiled egg (boil up a dozen for the week)
Lunch - Egg salad sandwiches
Dinner - Korean beef

Wheatless Wednesday 
Breakfast - Peaches and cream oatmeal
Lunch - attempted homemade salmon sushi 
Dinner - Shepherds pie 

Breakfast - Pancakes 
Lunch - Omelets
Dinner -  Left Overs (start 2 chickens in the crockpot for next day)

Breakfast - Egsg and toast 
Lunch - Fruity breakfast smoothies Blackberry Muffins (make extra to freeze)
Dinner - Pulled BBQ Chicken

Soupy Saturday
Breakfast - Cream of wheat and toast with protein shake
Lunch - Scrambled Eggs with onion and zucchini
Dinner -Chicken Rice soup

Sunday ~ Mommies day off 
Breakfast - Cereal
Lunch - Make your own Sandwiches
Dinner - Whatever day

Friday, 5 September 2014

HAVOC FC 6: Michael vs Jesse Arnett

Tonight my brother Michael fights for HAVOC FC 6 against Jesse Arnett at 135lbs. I have always been my brothers' biggest fan along with the family. Before we moved back to BC, I never missed one of either of my brothers fights.