Saturday, 4 January 2014

Teaching the kids how to shoot

 We are a; I guess what you would call a hunter/ gatherer kind of family. We hunt and garden; what we are hoping for, a lot of our own food. My husband has been hunting for us for a few years now and I recently took my CORE course for hunting and passed with 93% (YAY me).
So we of course want to teach our kids the same skills so we got them their first BB gun for christmas. This is just to help teach gun safety and ways to use it and start on some target practice.

So we took out some pop cans and went and had some fun with daddy. After going over some rules we let them take turns shooting. They all did very well and knocked a few cans down. We even let our youngest Kiki try and she did very well also. Better then what we expected for sure. Now mommy can also practice and learn how to shoot too!

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