Monday, 11 August 2014

Menu Plan Monday - Aug.11 - 17

 In our house we only go grocery shopping 2 times a month. One big one in the middle of the month and a little trip at the beginning of the month. I try to plan trips around meal plans but sometimes it doesn't always work out. Usually we do the route around the grocery store and avoid the middle isles as much as possible. So we do bring more fresh produce home. So a lot of my meals usually are made up using whats in the house. Right now we are a bit low of food with payday coming up, so here is my meal plan with digging through what we have.

Monday - Cabbage Rolls and cornbread

Tuesday -Went out for dinner at an event

Wednesday - Baked Chicken Legs with turnip and potato fries 

Thursday - Baked Salmon Fillets with homemade rolls, steamed veggies and salad

Friday - Meatballs with mashed potato's and salad  (Make extra batches of meatballs to freeze) 

Saturday - Spaghetti with meat sauce (Make extra sauce and use leftovers to freeze and make batches of chili to freeze also.)

Sunday - Mama's Day Off 

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