Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Freezing Banana Muffins for Lunches

Making big bates of banana muffins and freezing them for lunches is something I did last year and after saving up all my banana, I decided to do it again.

Banana muffins and breads freeze so well and it being a bread, it thaws quite fast making it GREAT for lunches for kids and even the hubby. So it can be a pre-made lunch item thats easy and versatile.

Here are the few steps to making them for a freezer item.
    • Save up all your banana that have gone to brown to eat by simply putting them in the freezer. Most recipes use about 4 bananas per batch, so save up until you have enough for 6 or so depending on your recipe. Once you have enough, take them out and let them defrost for a few hours to over night.
    • Pick your recipe. For this you can use whatever recipe you want. So you can really play around. I also suggest picking a recipe you can easily double. Make your muffins, preferably double batches at a time to save time and I like to make the mini muffins, mostly for the kids. Then let them cool on a rack.
    • Then bag up in freezer bags. You can cram as many as you can in one bag to save room and bags. Then put them into the freezer to freeze. When you are making lunches, just take a muffin out of the bag from the freezer and put into the lunch bag. Then by time lunch comes around they will be thawed and ready to eat! 
    It took me a few hours to make 5 batches of mini muffins, 1 batch of peanut butter banana muffins and I have a little bit of batter left over so I made  a mini banana bread loaf that the kids took. I got roughly 150 mini muffins total out of the 5 batches. All with 15 over ripe bananas.

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