Saturday, 30 August 2014

Clean and Split Jerk PR

As I sit here jealous my hubby went to the Saturday morning CrossFit class, I thought I would reminisce about yesterdays class because I have found my new favorite move! We did clean and split jerks. It was a first for me, I have done clean and jerks before but never a split jerk.
We started out with the normal warm up, stretching and skipping then a few rounds of sit ups, push ups, goblet squats and pull ups. Then worked on ring dips. Which I cannot even do yet, so i do a scaled version.

Then we worked on deadlifts. I do not mind deadlifts but they are not my favorite. I find them awkward and mostly the higher you do with weight. I am still working on my core strength and I have difficulties keeping tight during a heavy life and I round out. My max deadlift is 175lbs though and we did our max +25, which would be 200lbs. Then we do sets at 50%, 60%, 70%, 80% then back to 70% of that max weight. So for me i did 100lbs, 120lbs, 145lbs, 160lbs then back down to 145lbs. It was suppose to be 140lbs for my 70% but I was lazy and it was less plate work with 145lbs.

Then we had 10 mins to find our max or PR (personal record) for clean and split jerks. There are a few ways to do a jerk and the split was just one kind. It was my first time doing it and I had a killer charlie horse the night before and came in with a sore leg. I got my max up to 80lbs and I could have gone higher but the clean was getting hard with my leg. I was rolling it out but still was uncomfortable and I didn't want to push myself to hard and hurt myself.
Then for our WOD (work out of the day) we did 7 minutes of clean and jerks at our 85% to work on technique. After each one we would mark it down and go back. I worked with 70lbs and did 20 in the 7 minutes, so not to bad. They are a ton of fun though and I think I found my new favorite move!

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