Thursday, 14 August 2014

One of those nights I learn from my mistakes.

Being new at something usually means you will go through a lot of firsts. Which I got to experience today at the gym and I cannot stop beating myself up over it. We are still new to the CrossFit world, so I know we are still learning.

I have a hard time with a lot of the higher cardio activities - I tend to hyperventilate but mostly with running. I did really well with one work out of 3X 800m runs. That one was kind of a turning point for me and the last time I ran in a workout. Then tonight I guess I took a step back (mentally) from what I thought I was gaining on or maybe tomorrow I will realize I just had one of those days.

After  the warm up and doing the skills and strength parts of the workout, we got to the main workout which was 5 rounds of 1 200m run, 6 deadlifts at 95lbs for beginner, which i stayed with because I knew I would struggle with the run and 8 burpee box jumps. I used our normal box which I have never done before, I usually used a few stacked plates but I wanted to push myself on something. Then with that first round I lost my breath on that first run and I struggled through the whole workout. Then everyone was finishing up and I had 4 rounds ticked off with my chalk and then I finished. However, I finished at the same time the gentleman beside me did - and I knew I was behind him. So it bugged me a bit but I was so pooped out I knew something was off but I couldn't put my finger on it. Then when i got home I thought back and realized I missed a whole round. I only did 4 out of my 5 without realizing it. So lesson learned tonight to make sure you mark off your rounds after each one or copy what my hubby did and count down and scratch a round when finished each.

It sucks not doing a workout fully or to the best of ability or not but just doing it. Tisk tisk tisk to me.


  1. Yup, me too, I hate running cuz I just can't catch my breath! I hate it! But I do know that as your body gets used to being amped up you will learn to pace your breathing and get a little better :-) I was told when I was doing heavy cardio boxing to breathe in through my nose and exhale through my teeth making a "sheeessssh" sound ... it regulates the breathing and does help!

  2. Ya its a tough one. I swear it is just not for some. I was running 5k a week a while back and i only seemed to loose it once in a while. Then i was able to run the 800m x3 without a problem. I almost think it is either a once in a while thing or almost a mental thing. I have however, been looking at a lot of tips and that one of of the main tip! Also keep a pace with breathing and matching it up with steps, so a IN, IN and OUT, OUT. The first breath being a big and then a little. Almost like what they teach in birthing classes. It's not fun when you loose your breath and your just unable to get it back though. Makes for a bad workout. =(