Saturday, 30 August 2014

The beginning is near

The time has come again. Hunting season is here. At the moment it is only bow allowed and we do not do bow but some of our hunting friends are already out, so it has begun! Plan have already started with trips but this year will be my first year in the bush. 
At the end of last year I went with my sister in law and a friend and we are got our C.O.R.E: The Conservation and Outdoor Recreation Education program in British Columbia's which is a hunter education program. Which is basically a hunters license and what you need to hunt. 
I have not been hunting before, besides day trips with the family. It will be an interesting year for sure, thats if I do get out. 

My hubby tends to get over excited during this time of the year and I am sure he will forget all out it. Last year he promised to take me and the family out a few times but he was so determined to fill his tags because we did not get a moose or elk draw and a few deer will not fill the freezer for the winter. 
This year we did not get anything again but someone in the family did. They got 2 moose draws (they went in as a group) but they need a little help, so my hubby will be going on the trip to help. While up there is is going for white tail which are bigger then our black tail here. So hopefully we will have enough to make it through the year. It was pretty tight this year and we are just at the bottom of the freezer now.

Every year I plan a pre hunting season BBQ before we all send off hubby's, which I am behind on this year but it has been a crazy month but plans will be under way soon.

 Now the count down is on for hunting season.

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