Thursday, 14 August 2014

BLOG Revamping

I haven't been around so much due to some crazyniess going on. I went back to school, which i will update on. Kids home from summer and everything else.

I went back and deleted a ton of content because I am changing things up. Even with recipes, we are going a more healthier paleo way, so recipes will be changing.
My husband and I started crossfit, so I may blog about that now. We are still newbies but it is interesting and I would love to do updates on that.
Plus the usual homestead, gardening, recipes, menu planning and of course my new chickens!

Things have changed around here for sure but we still have the same old household but new hobbies!
I also now have my grade 12 English, upgraded, so maybe my punctuation and everything may be better. =P

So stay tuned!!

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