Monday, 25 August 2014

Life Vest Inside - Kindness Boomerang

This was shared by an amazing person I follow Amanda Palmer. This is a crows funding fund -- for no funding, only kindness. A few years back a wonderful video started to go viral. I don't remember seeing it until around the last year or so but it too amazing not to share again mostly now that they are starting a kindness revolution with the #kindnessboomerang. They are simply asking people to spread some love and kindness and that is all.

They are only asking for 3 little things you can do to help.
1. Share the support page via Facebook, twitter or tumbler.
2. On September 1st, start your very own #KindnessBoomerang by doing an act of kindness
3. Share your #KindnessBoomerang story on their website.

Then you can also share it here with me on my new facebook page for my blog! I'd love to see your #kindnessboomerang

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