Thursday, 14 August 2014

Friday Night Lights Podcast with my brother Micheal

In every family, you never know how siblings with turn out. It is such a love hate relationship usually.

My brothers and I went through a pretty crazy childhood and looking back to it I would guess that we would have all grown to hate each other. Except all the craziness actually brought up closer, mostly as we are growing up and we don't see each other as much as I would like. 

My brothers fought all the time, we fought all the time. Who would have guessed that my brothers would turn out to be MMA fighters. It has been a crazy road for them and even the family. I did not miss one of their fights until I moved out of province and still, if it is streamed I will be there glued to the TV. That also includes interviews. I love listening to these interviews and podcasts. So here is one with my brother Micheal with Friday Night Lights Podcast. So take a listen and learn more about the road my brother took to get where he is, so far. He is still on the road to big things, so learn more about his trip down his road so far.

Also find them here 

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