Thursday, 16 October 2014

A Couple Months of Crazy

Things are now slowing down and after a while of go go go, I am happy things are quiet now. Which means I am able to get back to a regular schedule.

First my mom came for a visit. She made the visit worth it, after not being able to see each other for 4 years. The last time she came for a visit was for my daughters 1st birthday and she was just a week shy of her 5th birthday this year. She lives out in Saskatchewan and it is hard to see each other often.

Then after a long strike with the teachers and government, the teachers went back to work and the kids back in school, so my baby girl started kindergarten. 

Then after she left, my hubby left for a big hunting trip up north. He was gone for 12 days, which was a fun time but I am so thankful all 3 kids are now in school or it would of made for one stressful 12 days.

I will post more about these but I am back and have lots to write!

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