Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Saturday hunt with the family: 10/18/14

I may have not been able to keeping up with the hunting diary but I have not been able to get out as much. After my hubby being away for 12 days on his big moose trip, I was at home sick, with the kids. Even though they got lucky and did not get sick, it was just poor mama.
So this weekend we planned a weekend of hunting, one big trip and one small one with the kids.

Saturday morning we woke up at our normal 7am time and got ready, as well as the kids and waited for our friend to show up. We had a friend come with us. He kids moved out of town and came back for a visit and he is also a beginner hunter, so some extra company was nice. We stayed close to home and just went up the mountain and just did a drive around. Which we usually do with the kids and they love helping out with looking for deer and they love using the binoculars.
It was pretty quiet out and we only saw a few other hunters. We spotted one deer down along in a clearing but quit far from the road.  So we stopped and my hubby pulled out the binoculars to take a better look and it was a dead doe. We are not sure if it was attacked, natural but we just hope someone didn't shoot it and leave it. Finding her was a bit sad.

 I also got the chance to miss out on my first buck. We were coming down a road and up a head there were two trucks stopped and the guys were talking to each other. They noticed us and the guy ahead of us drove away. Then a few feet up from them we look over to the slash (a area of forest that has been logged) and there was a deer bedded down. The guys didn't even notice, so hubby jumps out again and starts looking at it, and it was a buck. Since it is my first year he wants me to try for my first. So he told me to grab my gun. I do and get out and it was a bit far, so he told me to climb down to this stump. Then as I was climbing down, it got up and walked away. So missed out on my first but that is ok.
Then we stopped for a bit and did some chanterelle mushroom picking. We didn't find a lot but the kids had fun running around looking for them. We found about a grocery bag full but it was fun. Good experience for the kids.

After, we decided to drive around a bit more. We went exploring around a few roads and found a new area. My hubby loved it and it was just gorgeous to.As we drove around we stopped one of the hunters we saw earlier and we stopped and chatted with him. He was very chatty and swore every other word, i don't think he saw the kids in the back. He was going on about he saw 50 does the other day, down by the main road and he has been hunting here since he was 4 years old and things like that. We said goodbye and my hubby turns and said "Someone doesn't want us here, must be a good stop."
So we decided to call it a day after that and slowly made our way back down. No deer but we found some mushrooms and a new spot and will be goign back soon.

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