Monday, 1 September 2014

31 day ab challange - August

I actually completed a full 30 day fitness challenge. I started a 31 day ab challenge I found on sisterhood of the shrinking, which is a really neat communal website with lots of great tips and monthly challenges. So I tried the ab challenge they hosted last month. I did not take any before or after pictures but I did complete it.

I found it a bit tedious though. It was just crunches just in different numbers each day. I mixed it up with different types of crunches though. Then those days I forgot, I made up for the next day and thats when things got good. You feel the burn with 250 crunches. I just did not find it a challenge even on days I did a WOD but I wouldn't doubt it made some progress on my tummy.

Now for September's monthly fitness challenge! I will also try some before and after pictures which I am a bit scared to do.

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