Friday, 5 September 2014

HAVOC FC 6: Michael vs Jesse Arnett

Tonight my brother Michael fights for HAVOC FC 6 against Jesse Arnett at 135lbs. I have always been my brothers' biggest fan along with the family. Before we moved back to BC, I never missed one of either of my brothers fights.

There is a shadow that comes down for me before either of them fight. I am not sure if this is for everyone but for me personally, no matter how far away I live I still get super butterflies that last all day until I get the results.
When I was able to go to the fights, I was on the verge of a heart attack the whole night but not being at the fights is hard to. The fear of something bad happening is big but not being able to be there to cheer them on sucks just as much. It is a huge deal in the house when fight night comes. My boys look up to their uncles a lot and we all anticipate that call, text or message or even a facebook up date but usually I will sit and refresh the mma top news quick results.

Photo credit to Darren Langlois Photography. Check out his facebook page!

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