Friday, 5 September 2014

A day of firsts

Yesterday was a big day of firsts for me. Not once, not twice but three firsts with 3 different workouts.

A little while ago I ordered my hubby and I our own adjustable wire skipping ropes for class. I am SUPER short and all the ropes were always to long. So I need my own that I can customize.
They arrived in the mail a few days ago. Then even though they were customizable, it was still too long and had to cut mine. Then after I finished customizing mine, I tackled  my hubby's and surprised him with a camo set!
Then I tried to play around with my double unders (DU's), which I have never even attempted before. Then surprising enough, I got a few. I was so happy. I was able to get a DU then a few singles then anther DU.Today I will be practicing a bit more. Lets see how many I can get today.

Then off to the gym for us later on in the evening. We practiced our toe to bar for our skills and I have never got one before, so I was going to just practice my swing. I was going along and decided to attempt one and got it. So I tried for a few more and got 4 total out of probably 20 attempts but I was happy to get the 4!

Then for our strength, we did our strict presses. I have going up very slowly and it has been a few weeks since i went to a higher weight. I go up and work up to doing 5 presses in a row and if I am not able to I keep to the same weight. Before my max was 55lbs which was getting a bit easier, so this week i went up to 60lbs which is a personal record (PR) for me. So my presses were 45lbs, 50lbs, 55lbs, 60lbs then back down to 55lbs and wallballs with a 14lb ball. I was only able to get 2 in a row but I will stick to that until I am able to get all 5 reps in a row.

Then finished off with the workout of the day (WOD) which was a 4 rounds of 400m run, 10 handstand push ups and 10 pistols. I did a scaled version but usually if there is a run in a WOD, I will scale it down because I suck at running!

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